Remote Guarding

Live Observation seamlessly ties into your existing security infrastructure to provide direct feeds from your cameras and send video to our 24/7 Security Operations Centre.

At the first sign of an incident our operators will follow a pre-determined intervention procedure ranging from a pleasant “welcome” to a “cease and desist” with alarm activation and authority notification.

Customised Security Solutions

Our security solutions are always designed with flexibility as a primary catalyst, enabling us to work with many varied and diverse technology partners.

To maintain the high technology quality, we adopt an open platform strategies enabling us to work with some of the world’s leading suppliers of cameras and other security technologies.

Single Point of Contact

To make it as straight forward as possible for our clients, we offer a single point of contact through our Security Operations Center (“SOC”).

Within our SOC, our people and advanced technologies are coupled with established processes and protocols, ensuring the coordination of all customer security systems and associated service.


SmartGuard specialises in cloud-based managed physical security services, including remote video audits and web portals for CCTV and Access Control.

At SmartGuard we dynamically observe the CCTV feeds from all of your network cameras, in real time and act on any suspicious or unwarranted behavior.

We have the ability to communicate and warn off potential offenders before they take action, and if they persist we can remotely activate alarms, warning systems or directly deploy patrol services.

You can select which hours of operation you wish to be observed, as well as select a series of actions to be deployed in the triggering of a pre-determined security event.


When it comes to security, there has to be a set of procedures and effective measures to be implemented to ensure comprehensive protection.

In an emergency case, a fast evacuation of the respective building or site as well as the initiation of appropriate countermeasures is crucial to save life and assets.

A comprehensive solution is provided by a centralized security management platform that interacts with fire alarm systems and other building, security and communication management devices.

Core Services


    Our systems collate data from a multitude of disparate security systems and associated devices monitoring your assets.


    Our intelligent software analyses and correlates, data, events and any alarms and prioritises real time situations.


    Our systems present any relevant information in an easily readable format for one of our operators to verify.


    Once an alarm is triggered our platform automatically provides step by step instructions based on pre-determined operating policies and procedures.


FleetSmart GPS Tracking

The majority of businesses have internal corporate safety policies and in many instances are also required to meet stringent guidelines set by government or safety agencies. FleetSmart GPS solutions are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fleet Management Teams to ensure compliance with both internal and external regulations, whilst reducing operational costs and improving overall fleet productivity.

SmartGuard monitor all FleetSmart tagged vehicles in real time and are alerted in the event of any pre-determined incidents or alarms.

Despatch Guard Patrols

Using advanced technologies, mobile communications, navigation and GPS, we implement seamless, end-to-end security.

A Security patrol can be rapidly despatched to your premises when an alarm is confirmed by our monitoring centre.

The patrol officer will inspect your premises for any signs of forced entry and alert the nominated emergency services if necessary.

Static Security Guards

Based on your site and general requirements, we can provide Uniformed Security Officers to provide ongoing security services at your premises.

In accordance with your security brief we can provide professional, trained and fully licenced guards to handle any situations that may arise on your site.

Mobile Security Patrols

SmartGuard can despatch highly visible Mobile Security Patrols which involve random drive-by or sporadic security checks of your premises and/or property.

Our professional mobile patrol officers will attend your business, industrial site or private property to ensure that it is safe and fully secured.